The Seafarers Happiness Index

The Seafarers Happiness Index is designed to monitor and benchmark seafarer satisfaction levels by asking 10 key questions and serves as an important barometer of seafarer satisfaction with life at sea. Questions focus on a range of issues, from mental health and well-being, to working life and family contact. Let's make life at sea better.

Happy, satisfied, well fed, fit and engaged seafarers are less likely to have accidents, they are likely to have long, successful careers and make for a confident and thriving industry. One that we can all feel proud of.

From mental and physical health, diet, rest, workloads, connectivity, training, access to shoreleave, relationships at home and onboard, there are real and vital questions that need to be asked and answered. The Seafarer Happiness Index consists of a standard set of these ten questions, and which don’t change. The ongoing levels of satisfaction are marked out of 10 and can be cross analysed.

We ask about general happiness, about contact with home and connectivity. We cover issues relating to exercise and diet, about work load and shoreleave. We also explore the experiences when they are seafarers’ centres ashore, maritime training, interactions onboard and wage levels too.

By sharing their feelings out of ten, and by hopefully providing some written insight – suddenly the answers become clear. The survey is completely anonymous but does ask for some key information regarding basics such as age, rank, vessel type and nationality to provide context. We are building a real picture of what it means to be a seafarer, and of how that affects people’s happiness.

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