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The shipping industry often talks about seafarers and the problems facing them. BUT all too often it is done without real data, and with too little view of the realities of life at sea.

Such gaps in knowledge, suggest we need greater knowledge about the building blocks of a productive job, fulfilling career and the demands of those working at sea. SO what do seafarers really think and how can we find out?

Outside of academic research, there is often a dearth of evidence as to how seafarers actually feel about their jobs. As we have mentioned, the one fundamental issue which often overlooked is whether seafarers are actually happy.

Measuring how happy people are about the various elements of their working life at sea gives the picture of the real successes and problems within seafaring, and provides learning opportunities to improve.

Such feedback is a blueprint to the improvements needed. By finding out how happy seafarers are, then the shipping industry can build a picture of where employers and seafarers are winning and losing.

This is why the  Seafarer Happiness Index exists, to provide a vital, live and ongoing link with crews. AND to report back to the industry. We are able to tell the real picture of life at sea and work with companies to learn from good practice and make improvements where and when they are needed.

Gaining an insight into seafarers lives, and exploring their feelings about key facets of life at sea, can afford shipping companies extremely valuable insight. This offers the chance to learn from the mistakes of others, meaning employers can see where things are going wrong and what changes are needed.

Making sure seafarers are happy means heading off problems, it means making life better for those working at sea, as well as safer and more efficient. The Seafarer Happiness Index, reveals fascinating trends and early warning signs too and we hope shipping companies can listen, but share their lessons too.


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