Seafarers So Grateful for Support

How happy with welfare facilities when you are ashore?

  • 6.05 up from 5.50

We are naturally pleased to see a rise in these figures. We have been working hard to address the issues raised in the Seafarers Happiness Index, and always seek to ensure that we are able to deliver the best we can for the crews who visit our centres.

There were many positive reports from seafarers who had visited a range of seafarer centres all over the world, and they heaped praise on the staff and volunteers who they saw doing so much make them feel welcome and supported.

Unfortunately, this question is intrinsically linked to the issue of shore leave, and there are a range of frustrations evident when it comes to the ability to get off the vessel, and to then exit the port in a cheap and effective manner. The Mission to Seafarers does provide transport in many ports, though unfortunately not all. Where this service does exist, then the happiness levels of the crew did increase. Which is a positive testament to the work we do.

As with so many facets of seafarer life, those at sea want to feel they are not being taken advantage of, and they need support to make their experiences in port as pleasant as possible. So, whether it is a visit to the vessel and the opportunity to get online or to receive some moral boosting basics, or whether there is a chance to get ashore properly and have some rest and relaxation. All these things make a massive difference to the mental wellbeing and welfare of seafarers.

Respondents felt that it feels that sometimes the world has forgotten that ships are manned by humans with human needs just like anybody else. So, it is vital that we do all possible to support these needs, and to ensure that the welfare facilities accessed deliver.

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