Connectivity A Massive Help

How happy about contact with family
when at sea? – 6.88 ↑ from 6.79

There was a positive result here, as the issue of connectivity
seems to have improved. This is hopefully to do with the
ever-increasing number of deep-sea vessels which now have
internet onboard. Something which many respondents
stated, “is a big help”.

On ships without access, or where there are draconian usage
restrictions, then the happiness of these seafarers is
affected. Lack of facilities, expensive or slow connections
make life incredibly frustrating for crew, and they voice their
disdain for companies who do not provide what they want in
fairly strong terms.

Time and time again, seafarers stated that “communications
with loved ones is essential, even if it is only for a couple
of minutes a day”. The message is clear and it is being told
loudly – seafarers want to be connected to home, they
want access to online services and nothing else will do. The
industry is being told, and those companies who do not
respond, who do not boost their offering to seafarers, who
keep internet allowance small, or provide “rubbish speeds
which make calls very difficult”, the recruitment and retention
could well be issues in the future.

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