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How happy about contact with family when at sea?

  • 6.82 down from 6.88

In a historic Seafarers Happiness Index of positive results, the issue of connectivity and contact with family was the only downward trend recorded. Those who have access to the internet, Wi-Fi and calls are “very, very happy”. Sadly, still there are simply too many who do not.

As one respondent stated, “Sailing for 22 years now and unfortunately, life at sea doesn´t get any better. There is wider and wider gap in communication possibilities between shore and ships, regarding mails and internet is feels like shipping industry still stands in 1990.”

Which was a thread which ran through many of the responses. There is frustration, incredulity and resignation to the fact that contact with home is too expensive, connections are too slow or poor, and the matter is not given enough attention by companies.

Often satellite phone and Wi-Fi is readily available onboard., however on many vessels the data allocations per month given to each crew are not matching the needs and desires of those onboard.

Time and time again, respondents said that they would not hesitate to move companies if they were to be given better, cheaper and more effective communication with home. Respondents said how overall the effect of being able to contact their friends and families made a positive difference to the standard of life onboard.

However, it should be noted too that not everyone felt the same. According to some responses, it was sometimes more upsetting to make contact especially if there is a problem at home. Which is an important issue, and there were calls for welfare organisations to assist in helping those at home to better support crew while they are away.

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