Cost and Time When it Comes to Maritime Training

How happy about the training you receive?

  • 6.91 up from 6.53

 Data on the issue of training saw a rise this quarter, and there were many positives sentiments about the importance of training, the fact that development brought enhanced employment opportunities and career progression.

Where the feedback was less positive, the issue of cost and time was mentioned repeatedly. While the specific demands of some sectors also arose as a contentious issue. Some respondents felt that they were too busy concentrating on training than actually learning how to do their jobs. Something which is a concern, and which stresses the difference between certification and competency.

There were reports that spikes in workload made it extremely difficult to train, and a number of seafarers felt that the demands to complete administrative task, paperwork to send reports and e-mails to the company offices ate into any time that they could reasonably expect to use for training.

Critics raised the point that all too often they perceived training as being simply a “tick box” exercise. Which perhaps explains the view also taken by the same respondent that nowadays the number of poorly educated seafarers is increasing. Something which was felt to owe to the reliance in some nations on government run institutions, colleges and academies.

There was a marked difference in happiness levels between seafarers who felt that their companies were investing in their careers by providing access to courses, versus those who were left to fend for themselves. The companies who invest in training clearly have happier crew, and this was also felt across other questions too. The issue of personal and professional development is one that was mentioned more this quarter than in previous questionnaires.

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