Day by Day Salaries Decrease

Salaries are often a thorny issue, and once more there were
seafarers who were frustrated that wage levels seem to be
stagnating. Many also feel a sense of real time financial loss
as taxes rise or exchange rates fluctuate. All in all, these are
tough financial times to be a seafarer.

“Day by day the salary of junior officers is decreasing”, it
was stated. Meanwhile there are also concerns about cuts
to overtime hours. It seems that, according to a number of
responses, companies are cost cutting and the budget for
overtime is an early cut to be made.

For the majority of past Seafarers Happiness Index reports
there was a sense of begrudging acceptance of wage levels.
However, this time round it felt somewhat different. There
were a number who stated that they felt the tough life of a
seafarer needs to be better compensated, points which were
made in very robust language indeed.

Then too was the fact that the nationals of one country point
the finger at those of others, or whole regions. There were
a number of respondents who felt that wages were all too
often driven down by the willingness of some nationalities to
accept lower wages. Unfortunately, the global nature and the
freedom with which owners can access crews means that this
has always been the way.

Again, there was mention of the issue of non-payment of
wages and the fact that this is all too common. There were
crew who had experienced delays and faced real frustrations
whilst their families suffered privations at home. There were
also a number who were fretting over ever receiving their
pay. “Is it right in the 21st Century for seafarers to worry
about being paid?”, one asked – and of course the answer is
no. However, the mechanisms for safeguarding crews often
seem to fail when stressed, and there is a need to ensure that
seafarers get paid, get home and are looked after.

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