Time in Port Means Trouble for Crews

When we heard from seafarers about the issue of shoreleave and the fact getting ashore has become less of an attraction and more of a distraction, we initially viewed that in isolation.

It perhaps seemed obvious that restrictions, stringent security and high costs would mean that fewer seafarers are wanting to try and grab some shoreleave. Allied with the growing pressures of fast turnarounds, smaller crew numbers, we understood that often there would be implications, we were surprised to hear that many crew actually seemingly dread vessels arriving in port.


With such heightened levels of work – with cargo to manage, security details, maintenance and a seemingly endless line up of official visitors to the vessel, it seems that crews almost accept they will be worked incredibly hard while alongside.

This means that we received many responses from seafarers who are now beginning to feel anxiety and even dread about port calls. They no longer mean a chance to wind down, on the contrary this is now about ramping up. About achieving many, many different tasks.


Some seafarers reported feeling a sense of relief when they were finally heading back to sea, and at least there was a chance for some normality and watchkeeping patterns.

It is rather sad to hear that such a staple of what it was to be a seafarer has now become regarded at best as a hassle, and even something to face with trepidation. Until port calls mean shoreleave, until surveys, audits, and inspections are better scheduled, then there is little sign that things can improve.

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