Down The Hatch, And the Index Score

How happy about the food on board? –
6.34 ↓ from 6.47

Food goes down the hatch, and the Seafarers Happiness
Index scores for vittles keep going down too. There is
a definite pattern to these returns, as the quality of
ingredients meet the skill of the cook in making mealtimes
for seafarers either great or awful.

With poor ingredients, bad menu planning and poor-quality
cooks, there is only ever one outcome, and that is very
unhappy seafarers who bemoan the food, and who also
consistently mark other questions down too. Bad food, and
suddenly every aspect of onboard life is seen negatively too.
As in other Index reports, this time saw the usual issues of
cultural sensitivity. Seafarers of a range of nations claimed
that cooks are simply not capable of making the food which
means so much to them. Obviously, vessels are increasingly
multicultural, but it seems that time and time again that
cooks are either not trained, aware or resourced to prepare
the food which seafarers want.

Even where the quality of ingredients seems adequate, and
where there are no nationality issues, all too often cooks
seem to take shortcuts. “There is still a prevalence to quick,
easy unhealthy food. I cannot be lazy navigating the ship,
why should the cook be allowed to be?”, was one response.
Others spoke of companies who still run a separate crew and
officers’ mess, with good food for one and poor quality for
the other, thereby stoking resentment.

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