Good News On Good Health

How happy about your ability to keep fit and
healthy on board? – 6.45 ↑ from 6.29

There was a surprising rise in the figures for this question, as
this is usually one that has tracked a downward trajectory. The
comments this time round, however, do capture many of the
frustrations that have been voiced before. There are many
ships that only have minimal or no gym equipment, while
there are those ships which do, but the work load is so heavy
that seafarers feel they don’t have the time to use them.

It seems that there are few responses from seafarers who
have good gym facilities and time to make use of them,
and that is a shame, especially as those who do manage to
exercise tend to track higher happiness figures across the
board. Clearly exercise, and the ability to keep fit and healthy
onboard have a very positive effect.

There were also responses which talked about exercise and
health within the context of the current wellness debate.
They stated that it was good to hear people talking about
what seafarers need to improve mental and physical health,
but they were concerned that the emphasis is on individual
crews, rather than on the owners, operators and managers
to ensure it. It would be hugely troubling, and indeed
counterproductive, to have a series of mandatory measures
which punish seafarers and create a set of onerous demands
on those who suffer the ill effects of failings elsewhere.

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