Happy to Just Get Paid Q3 2020

6.45 up from 6.28

The issue of wages saw an increase once again, and there was a sense from respondents that they were glad to have money coming in during a time of uncertainty. Some stated that “money is the only motivation”.

There were issues of the Index grouping all seafarers together, and complaints from seafarers in the west that their perceived larger salaries are not adequately judged against the cost of living in their home nations. So, where some crews bemoan the fact that others earn more, then they do not see the whole picture. These comments came to the fore in discussions on “undercutting” and fears of job losses.


There was also dissatisfaction from some quarters on vessels which carry project crew. Often it seems they are better paid than the actual ship personnel, which is a bone of contention.

We also received a number of responses from seafarers who are facing financial ruin as they cannot join vessels. Time and time again, there were messages of desperation and of experienced and skilled seafarers being forced to contemplate career changes. It seems that there could be a long-term impact on retention, and future recruitment could be a problem if this pattern does emerge, and if crew changes are not facilitated.

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