How happy about contact with family when at sea?

Seafarer happiness when it came to being able to contact home fell steeply, down to 6.79 out of 10…from 7.12

Shipboard connectivity is a constant focus for seafarers, and yet again as with every Seafarers Happiness Index report, those with cost effective and good quality access are far happier than those without. Phone calls are still used, but less frequently – and many seafarers felt that they would rather use any data allowance for messaging or online activities.

Where the provisions of connectivity are not felt to be good or cost effective, then seafarers place the blame squarely on the company, there were repeated versions of the comment that “the company does not want to pay for decent equipment”. So this is clearly a serious and contentious issue.

Again, seafarers were incredulous when companies do not invest or provide them with the access that they crave, and are very grateful when they do have internet connection onboard.

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