How happy about fitness and health? Q4 2020

  • 6.68 up from 6.64

The level of happiness rose when it came to the ability to keep fit and healthy onboard. This appears to be another area in which some enlightened companies have invested in the wellbeing of their seafarers.

We heard from a number of seafarers who were pleased to report that their employers had bought new gym or entertainment equipment for them, in recognition for their efforts during trying times. “Our ship has received a new table tennis table, and we actually had a tournament throughout the weekend. It was real fun”.


Small gestures mean a lot, especially in difficult circumstances. The companies which are able to find the budget for some new equipment, or who are able to improve the facilities onboard gain a huge amount of kudos from the crew. It seems it is a very wise spend indeed and reflects very well on the employers.

Unfortunately, it is not the same everywhere and there are still seafarers who do not receive the attention, support or investment to make positive improvements to their time at sea. We heard from many seafarers who are just too exhausted to think about their physical or mental wellbeing, “I am too tired with no energy to keep fit” is a common response, and one that we receive all too many times in different ways.


Another respondent suggested that there is a need for the company to ensure “Proper management of free time should be part of the way the ship is run.” Adding, “If we are monitoring free time properly, it will show that we do not have enough time to sleep, to rest or to have recreation”.

Without full transparency, it seems that issues can be ignored and no remedial action taken.

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