How happy about the food on board? Q4 2020

  • 6.61 down from 6.86

The issue of food onboard saw quite a steep drop in the figures, and it seemed to relate to boredom creeping in. Which is not surprising if people have been on the same vessel for many months at a time, and with limited or no access to alternatives.

“Even though the cook is good, we are eating very similar food all the time”, ran one response. Again, this seemed to be reflected in the views of many, and other seafarers reported, “Same food, at the same time, on the same day, it is getting boring”. It seems that every day is becoming Groundhog Day onboard, with the not even the chance to eat the rodent for a bit of a change.


Where the cooks really excel and try hard to make things better for their shipmates, then these efforts are very much appreciated. Unfortunately, we do not know who “Geoff the Cook” is, but those onboard his ship think he is doing an amazing job!


There was praise too for companies who had increased the feeding rate, to at least support seafarers who may be stuck onboard, “The company has given us a little more in the monthly budget, and that has meant much better quality of food”.

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