How happy about the food on board?

Happiness with food and catering at sea fell to 6.47 out of 10…down from 6.73

A good cook makes all the difference, and those who scored highest on the Happiness Index about food, all said that it was down to the excellence of the catering staff.

Those caterers who are able to turn out food for mixed nationality crews, who make meals that taste fresh and tasty, well they are the “heroes of the ship”. While cooks who repeatedly make unhealthy meals and provide only deep fried or fatty/sugar loaded options, they are the focus of much frustration. There was even a suggestion that deep-fat fryers should be removed from all ship galleys.

Bad food is terrible for crew morale and happiness, and the impacts of it are felt across all aspects of the Index It seems that time and again diet, food quality and catering proficiency are foundations for a happy crew.

Poor quality provisions, lack of adequate consideration for different cultures, and a lack of imagination and diversity of choices makes meal times a hit or miss.

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