How happy about wages/salary?

Seafarer happiness about their wages fell to 6.3 out of 10…down from 6.6

There appears to be a grudging sense that while pay should be higher, then it is often more than many seafarers would receive back in their home nations.

Worrying though, there were multiple responses from seafarers who claimed that they were becoming increasingly concerned as to whether they would get paid at all. One seafarer stated, “we did not take salary for last two months and soon we need to the next month. We don’t know if the company will pay. We are 50 crew on board the fleet, and plus the other around 35 crew on leave”. This is the issue of non-payment of wages live from those suffering it.

Imagine the pain, torment and frustration, and also the fear of telling those back home that money may not be paid. It is reprehensible for seafarers to be exploited in this way, kept in the dark and made to worry and be stressed.

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