How happy about your ability to keep fit and healthy on board?

Fitness and the ability to exercise was on the slide, down to 6.29 out of 10… from 6.64

There is so little “free” time onboard now, that it is very difficult to get into a positive exercise timetable. With pressures of work, a need to rest and to do other important tasks, then the just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for many of the seafarers who responded. While for others, the lack of equipment was more of a barrier.

Rather strangely there were a couple of responses which said that sometimes older officers “frowned” upon gym usage. It would be troubling to think that colleagues at sea would not support each other in getting fit.

One respondent said the vessel didn’t have a gym, but as it was a tall ship it was basically like a “big climbing frame”, so exercise was easy to come by. Those not on such vessels do say that it is getting ever harder to exercise. One stated, “With little free time and always an email asking answers from various places and persons in the world, agent, charterer, owner, there is no free time for fitness. Accommodations are designed to be as small as possible. Companies do not want to spend on equipment.”

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