How happy with welfare ashore? Q4 2020

  • 5.31 down from 5.48

As we have seen in the question on shoreleave, it is increasingly difficult, if not impossible for seafarers to get ashore. So, this naturally has an impact on the ability to make use of seafarer centres and facilities. Once again, seafarers spoke of their frustration at not being allowed to even get ashore to pop into centres, and this was reflected in the downward trend in the data.


We also received negative responses from crew, such as “I miss going to The Mission or any Seafarer’s Club we would normally visit before this pandemic locked us down”. Some were frustrated that facilities were beyond the port limits and felt that it would be much easier to access some form of facility inside the port. One respondent said, “if we could just walk or even get internal bus it would make things so simple. Instead, we lose time and money because we have to exit the port, and get to the centre. It is not far, but still feels hassle as outside of ISPS control zone”.

When we heard praise and positivity, it was for the welfare agencies and organisations who had made it possible for vessels to receive support, often in the form of care packages, calling cards and the like. Seafarers were incredibly grateful and appreciative of the sentiment and the effort. “We received parcels of washing gear and chocolate, which brightened our days, thank you”, said one respondent.


A new area of concern was that of quarantine and particularly the treatment of seafarers arriving into a country. We received troubling reports from seafarers who felt that the treatment they received, and also the accommodation, were not good enough.

“We were made to queue up and felt like criminals, then taken to a facility more like a prison camp than a hotel”. The experiences appear to be both frightening and frustrating and again sees seafarers treated unfairly.

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