How happy with welfare facilities when you are ashore?

Satisfaction with access to welfare facilities ashore also fell in the Q1 2019 data, down to 5.53 out of 10…from 6.36

There was a rather mixed element to the responses to this question, indeed some marked their scores lower as they shore leave was not forthcoming, so they were unable to access any local centres. Not being able to use a centre is a source of immense frustration for seafarers.

In the main, the respondents are positive about centres. They are made to feel welcome and value the sense of belonging, access to support and also the things they wish to buy or use. While some centres were praised directly, there was frustration that many smaller ports do not nowadays have centres for crews to visit.

There was also some frustration from watchkeepers who felt that there was nowhere for them to go to when their shifts finished. A number of respondents said that finishing their shift at night gave them no alternative but to go back to their cabin, as there was nowhere to go.

The Mission to Seafarers is working hard to address the issues, whether that involves ensuring there is sufficient access to centres or working to ensure that seafarers can access shore leave. While of course, we continue to visit vessels and meet with crews every day all over the world.

We take the Seafarers Happiness Index findings seriously and are engaging with industry on the issues being raised. We are concerned to see that the data shows a drop in overall happiness, and so too across almost all areas of concern.

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