If You Do Get Ashore

How happy with welfare facilities when you are ashore?

  • 5.28 down from 6.05

When assessing the results for this question, it seems there is no easy way of separating the impact of diminished access to shore leave and the perception of what is available if crew can get ashore. Indeed, the problems of getting ashore clearly affects the views and attitudes of seafarers when it comes to welfare facilities.

The question saw a significant drop in the data from seafarer responses, and it would perhaps seem at first glance that they are unhappy with the services provided to them. However, a closer look at the responses shows that this is not actually the case. Rather the impact on the data is a reflection of the problems of actually getting ashore and being able to use the facilities.

Where and when seafarers do get to centres or facilities, then the vast majority are highly complimentary about the people they meet, the services on offer and the provisions for them. Time and again, seafarers praised the staff and volunteers who greeted them all over the world.

The problems come where there is dissatisfaction with access. Though there were some rather confusing messages from crews, and these were a cause for concern. One stated, “Nothing in UK ports at all” – when of course there are many provisions, even award-winning centres. Whether there is some confusion, or a lack of awareness, then this is something which needs to be examined further.

Thanks in no small part to various port welfare committees, most stakeholders local to ports and seafarer centres are well versed in what is on offer. So, it is hoped that port and terminal operators, or agents are able to communicate clearly where crew can access facilities and of how to get to them.

Access the latest report here: https://www.happyatsea.org/wp-content/uploads/SHI_Q4_2019.pdf

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