Keeping Fit and Healthy

How happy about your ability to keep fit and healthy on board?

  • 6.41 down from 6.84

By far the happiest of respondents were those who were encouraged and allowed to take part in some kind of physical activities or sports onboard. Those who were playing basketball regularly, or even table tennis – they reported far higher happiness figures than those who did not have access or time to exercise.

The use of fitness equipment or sports is an important part of any wellbeing regime and sits alongside the dietary aspects of life onboard. The exercise angle also has the double benefit of usually boosting social aspects onboard too.

A gym or sports area is a great place for crew to spend some time, to either engage in activities which allow them to focus on non-ship related matters, or to have time with crewmates and a chance to talk.

Seafarers recognise the benefits of exercise, and there is little doubt that most want the opportunity to keep fit. In fact, some respondents were frustrated that the wider industry spent time stressing the importance of exercise rather than ensuring companies provide the means to partake.

Time, space, encouragement and capability to keep fit and healthy is a vital pillar of any efforts to make life better at sea. This comes across loud and clear in the happiness index responses. Crew are unequivocal on the benefits and importance of sports and exercise equipment, and of having the time to use it.

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