Latest Seafarers Happiness Data Released

When the shipping industry wants to know how seafarers feel about the challenges facing them at sea there is a need for data and for dialogue. That is why the Seafarers Happiness Index (SHI) exists, to provide an ongoing study into how people at sea feel about a range of key areas. You can now read the latest report, and see the latest thoughts from the sharp end, and the views of seafarers. SHI_Q1_2019

The SHI from The Mission to Seafarers is a vital tool in measuring how happy people are about the various elements of their working life, providing a picture of the real successesbut also highlighting problems within seafaring, delivering opportunities to improve and develop.

The Index is made up of a standard set of ten questionsand these cover key areas, such as mental and physicalhealth, diet, rest, workload, connectivity, training, access to shoreleave, as well as relationships at home and onboard.These are answered anonymously, and seafarers areencouraged to complete their answers during each trip.

By sharing their feelings on a scale out of ten, and by providingsome written insight – the Index gives a voice to seafarers andaddresses the fundamentals of why people are happy to go tosea, or not as the case may be.

Every quarter, seafarers provide their input and insight – sowe would encourage people at some point during each tripto sea to just take a few minutes to share their thoughts. TheSeafarers Happiness Index can be completed

So please, whether you are a seafarer or whether you workwith seafarers – we need to hear the real-life tales onboad ships today. We urge you to complete the index during everytrip to sea, that way we can build data and weave together thestories of what is truly being experienced during life at sea.

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