Poor Gym Equipment Hinders Happiness

How happy about your ability to keep fit and healthy on board?

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It seems that many seafarers are beginning to feel the benefits of keeping fit onboard, and there were positive responses about the equipment levels onboard. There was a clear divide between those who feel they have the time and inclination to exercise, and those who felt that the pressures of the job would not allow them such activities.

With good recreational and gym equipment onboard, and with some time to use it, that is what makes seafarers happy. They feel relaxed, recharged and reinvigorated, which must be good for all. On the other hand, those who had no access or no time, they felt unfit, put weight on, and felt increased stress.

There were criticisms that some owners put poor quality gym equipment onboard to simply convince auditors and inspectors that they were looking after the health and best interests of crew. Often these were broken, and so proved of no benefit to the seafarers.

Some felt that spaces for gyms were being reduced, and there was a trend towards smaller accommodation blocks, which meant that any recreation areas are squeezed and become either unfit for purpose or unappealing to use.

Combining the issue of nutrition and health with physical fitness, there were some calls for owners to provide dietary supplements to help ensure crew were kept in good condition.


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