Q1 2021: Massive Thanks to Vistors

5.55 up from 5.31

It always proves to be a sensitive subject when the issue of welfare provisions ashore are mentioned, the fact that shoreleave is proving so problematic means a rush of responses such as “What is ashore? I never get there.”

Sadly the fact that so many seafarers are stuck onboard their ships does have an impact on quality of life, and levels of access to welfare facilities. Though thankfully we have heard of many reports of visitors making it to the vessel gangway and being able to communicate with the crew in a socially distanced manner and leave gifts of gratitude and support, such as washing gear, confectionary, books, and the like.

It may seem a small gesture, but it goes a long way. Those seafarers who had such experiences recorded far higher welfare scores than those on ships in ports unable to receive such “care packages”.

We received many positive messages of gratitude and anecdotes about the impact onboard. One message ran, “I have felt very overwhelmed to see seafarers centre at some ports help crews. I really appreciate it.” This was a sentiment repeated by many. Another stated, “Thank you Mission to Seafarers, sending love and appreciation”.

For those who were experiencing more negatives, there was disappointment in places where COVID had forced centres to close. Though seafarers felt this was a good reason to begin investigating how restrictions on crews are applied and to further stress the message of those at sea being key workers.

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