Q2 2020: How Happy Are You About Wages

6.28 up from 6.11

The only category of the Happiness Index to see a rise this time round was that on the question of salary. It seems the only benefit of prolonged or extended contracts as been extra cash.

This obviously has not been negatively mirrored by the seafarer respondents who were stuck at home and unable to join vessels. We heard from a number who faced with such uncertainty as to when they might be able to return to work were considering career changes and pursuing different roles ashore.

For those at sea there was a sense of viewing money as far less of a priority than we have seen on other surveys. Indeed, there was a huge sense of relief where companies had been seen to be looking after crews, paying on time and ensuring that families were taken care of.

For the shipping companies which have stood by their seafarers, then it seems that there is a huge store of appreciation and praise. As one respondent stated, “In so much turmoil, knowing that wages have been going to the bank and to my family has been so important to me”.

For those getting paid then of course there was a sense of relief, but for those who were feeling unsure and uncertain, or who felt their efforts were not being reflected, then the mood was far less optimistic. There was also a sense of the rumour mill causing concern amongst some crews, responses such as “We have heard that companies are looking to cut our wages but do not know what we can do”, captured the worried mood.

There was once more a growing sense of tension between seafarers from different places. Multiple respondents from Asia, the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent felt that they were underpaid compared to those from other regions.

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