Q4 2021 Connectivity

6.92 up from 6.6

There has been a growing sense that COVID has moved the issue of connectivity forward, and there are signs of progress. Once again, this was an area of the Seafarers Happiness Index which say a rise in sentiment.

Seafarers repeatedly spoke of having their online access increased, with leaps in the time they were allocated. There was gratitude too, as campaigns delivered free access to calls or internet access over the holiday period. This was very gratefully received by seafarers.

That said, there was still a very clear divide between vessels that provided free or cost-effective access, versus those that don’t. The data laid out in unequivocal terms the difference in happiness levels between those who have access and those who do not. There is a chasm in the response levels, and more and more seafarers stating that they always check whether what access they will have before accepting new contracts. This is a trend that is only likely to grow.

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