Q4 2021 Training

7.21 up from 7.00

Respondents felt a growing emphasis on training and were very pleased to receive instruction onboard or access to courses. However, some felt that the standards are dropping.

“Our drills and exercises are pathetic. It seems that no one is interested and we go through the motions”, said one concerned seafarer. Such feedback has mirrored that which we have received before. It is immensely concerning that practical training and practising for emergencies appears to be falling away.

Another added, “We log and show we have done many things for safety training, the truth is not always the same”. This is a very unfortunate trend and one that needs to be dealt with. However, it is also perhaps a sad reflection of the reality of seafarers spending too long at sea. There is apathy creeping in, even about standards and safety. It seems inevitable, but needs careful and considered management to make seafarers engage with safety once more.

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