Seafarers and The World Happiness Index 2019

The latest World Happiness Report was recently released, is an annual survey by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations. This is the 7th report, and looks at the state of global happiness in 156 countries, ranking countries based on six variables: income, freedom, trust, healthy life expectancy, social support and generosity. The World Happiness Report was originally launched in 2012, and each year, it has a slightly different focus. This year’s report looked at happiness and the community, evaluating how technology, social norms, conflicts and government policies are driving change.

The top-ranking countries on the list tend to be consistent from year to year. In 2019, the top five included Finland at number one for the second year in a row, followed by Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands. Among the top 10 countries, the only change of note year over year is that Austria replaced Australia in the 10th spot. Besides the happiest countries, the World Happiness Report also looked at the places where people are the saddest. South Sudan was named the unhappiest place in the world, followed by Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Tanzania and Rwanda.

World’s 10 Happiest Countries

1. Finland

2. Denmark

3. Norway

4. Iceland

5. Netherlands

6. Switzerland

7. Sweden

8. New Zealand

9. Canada

10. Australia

World’s Saddest Countries

1. South Sudan

2. Central African Republic

3. Afghanistan

4. Tanzania

5. Rwanda

6. Yemen

7. Malawi

8. Syria

9. Botswana

10. Haiti

Where did other world powers rank on the list? The United Kingdom was number 15, Germany was 17, Japan was 58, Russia was 68 and China was 93. While the key seafarer and maritime nations saw the following results, Poland is 40 (6.18), The Philippines sits at 69, with a score of 5.63, Greece at 82 (5.28), Ukraine is 133 (4.33), with India a lowly 140 (4.01).

What about seafarers you might rightly ask…well, our Happiness Index questions aren’t identical – but we feel there is definitely a correlation. The current Seafarers Happiness Index score for Q1 2019 is 6.31.

This would place the global community of seafarers at number 32 in the Happiness Report, sitting between Panama (6.32) and Brazil (6.30).

You can access the full report at

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