Shoreleave is Dead!

How happy about access to shore leave? –
5.97 ↓ from 6.16

“Shore leave is dead. Never will it be seen again”. That was
the stark assessment of one respondent, and with so many
issues surrounding the seemingly simple notion of leaving a
ship for a short break, it is perhaps hard to argue with them.

Hectic port stays and ramped up duties mean that many
seafarers feel they cannot go ashore. There are so many
inspections to be completed, as well as audits, maintenance
and all manner of visitors to satisfy, as well as the small
matter of cargo work. This means that not only are some
senior officers loathe to grant time off, but many seafarers
simply feel they cannot be bothered with the hassle.

The shore leave Catch22 seems to be that if there is enough
time during a port stay to leave the ship, then invariably it
will be difficult to get from the ship to the gates, and perhaps
even more so to actual downtowns. Civilisation and ships are
not good bedfellows with so many terminals remote from
towns and cities.

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