Shoreleave is No More Q3 2020

5.4 down from 5.75

There can be no ignoring the problems of shore leave during a pandemic, and many seafarers also used this question to comment on the lack of opportunity to leave the vessel to head back home. So, unsurprisingly data which has long been heading downwards took another fall.

Time and time again seafarers stated that due to the pandemic it is impossible to get shore leave. Though many were also pleased to stay onboard, as they felt vulnerable to infection in some of the nations their vessels were calling into.


One respondent noted that this problem is nothing to do with COVID, and is simply a long standing problem and implored us not to see it as an exceptional time, but merely an issue which has been around for a long time.

Shore leave is increasingly uncommon regardless of whatever may be going on around the industry. While for some, even where there is an opportunity for shore leave, they stated that they would “rather sleep than go ashore”.

Where seafarers spoke in terms of actual leave, as in going home – there were a number of extremely heart wrenching responses. People feeling trapped, isolated, worried and just wanting to get home to their families.

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