Social Dynamic to Meal Times Q3 2020

6.86 up from 6.32

Quite a significant positive jump in the figures for this Quarter, which was something of a surprise. However, the responses seemed to capture a sense of meals becoming more of a focal point and an important time for rallying crews together. So, food being even more a part of improving mental health and wellbeing onboard.

A number of respondents said that mealtimes were the only opportunity for them to see others onboard, and to have some opportunity to relax and even talk. “At dinner I can meet my friends without a mask, so we can actually have a conversation”, was a response which perhaps captured the underlying mood.


Not all were so positive, and there were some vessels which had instigated staggered mealtimes to assist in social distancing. A number of seafarers raised this issue and stated that it made for an extremely frustrating experience, as they spend much time feeling isolated and having to eat alone at tables made that even worse.

There were also signs that some seafarers have been running through the same menu for many months and have become increasingly bored by the meals on offer. “I just want to eat something different, there is the same food rotating every few days we all want a change”.

Seafarers who would normally use the opportunity of shore leave to buy themselves some “food and treats” are being denied, and the lack of variety is starting to weigh heavily upon them. “If there was Deliveroo at sea I would not have any wages left”, said one seafarer who dared to dream.

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