Wage Stagnation, But Some Progress

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  • 6.57 up from 6.23

Yet another climber in the Happiness Index is the issue of wages. This is a surprising one, as salaries have often been one of the more contentious and problematic areas of concern for seafarers. There seemed to be a general level of contentment across the board, with responses saying that they felt the pay they received was satisfactory.

Though, there were certainly no seafarers which reported feeling wealthy in their home nations, as has so often been the longstanding myth. That said, many felt that they were able to look after their families, to save and to buy the things they wanted. So, as a yardstick of facilitating an acceptable lifestyle the salary levels seem to be delivering to an extent.

Naturally there were many who were less circumspect and effusive, and the majority of written responses were unfortunately negative. Of particular concern was the fact that many junior officers felt that their salaries were too low, and that they felt unsure of still going to sea by the time their ranks and wages rose.

There were comments that call centre staff in their home nations were on as much money as they were. Something which hints at potential problems ahead, if the best and brightest talent can be poached by other industries.

The usual concerns about stagnation of wages were voiced, and this is often against a backdrop of rising living costs and increases in taxation, or changes in exemption rules. There are problems being faced by seafarers, and while there are small increases which have been negotiated between employers and unions, it seems that they may not be felt adequately in the pockets of seafarers.


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