You are what you EAT

How happy about the food on board?

  • 6.23 down from 6.77

This question saw a fall in the satisfaction levels, as crew talked of a range of issues which affected the quality of the catering and the standards of the food they receive onboard.

There were numerous factors which were stated by seafarers, and the most repeated related to the budget allocated and the feeding rates for crew. Different figures were quoted, but the least satisfied said that their vessels were budgeting for around US$7 per day. It seems obvious, but bears repeating, where the spend is low then this reduces the quality of the food served to crew. There are repercussions and dissatisfaction where this is the case.

There is often a problem where nationals of one country try to provide for nationals of another, though as shipping is a mixed of cultures and nationalities this is a common issue. A number of respondents felt that their meals were inappropriate, with a cook from A having to prepare for a crew from B.

This appears to be a matter of training. It would be unfair to expect any cook to be proficient in foreign foods without ensuring they have been trained and given the chance to prepare. Ingredients is also important, as well as the understanding of what to do with them.

Seafarers also spoke of a starch and meat heavy diet. They claimed that they often felt lethargic after meals, and that the food did not usually match what they would eat or prepare back at home.

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