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The Mission to Seafarers needs happiness heroes. The support of companies and organisations in the shipping industry is vital. We want to work with you to enact the changes that seafarers are seeking. So too, we want to reward and recognise the positives. So, work with the Mission to Seafarers in this vitally important project.

The Mission to Seafarers is widely respected within the global maritime community and has received financial support for its vital services from a range of businesses within the shipping industry and beyond. There are a number of key projects and services for which the Mission is seeking funding and support – from WiFi installation, justice and welfare provision, to centre running costs.

The Mission works with a full range of organisations, from small and medium-sized enterprises to FTSE 100 companies to build partnerships that bring real business benefits. Whether you’re looking for a long term strategic relationship or participating in fundraising events, the Mission team can co-create an opportunity¬†to meet your needs. We are especially interested in partners to work with us on this exciting new initiative – so be a happiness hero…make life better at sea.

Our Corporate Partnerships Portfolio sets out a wide range of exciting projects that your company can get involved with to support seafarers and their families around the world.

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Thanks to Shipowners Club for their generous support and sponsorship.  Find out more at







We are also delighted to be partnering with maritime solutions company Wallem. Find out more at

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